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Ron SalvadorRon SalvadorWho are the Founders Hawaii?

Aloha!  My name is Ron Salvador.  My goal is actually to create a community of like-minded individuals, who understand Rich Dad philosophy and are in exchange.  What I've learned from Robert Kiyosaki is that to be part of his circle, you have to be willing to take a risk... which is what the CASHFLOW Game teaches you.  AND THAT was the biggest problem with the first set of clubs I started out.  Blair Singer (one of the Rich Dad Advisors) actually said that what we did back then was teach people NOT to be in exchange.  So while the Cashflow Game and Workshop events are free, now to be a Founder there's a cost involved, and it's more of a context thing.  This way every Founder has to put themselves at risk to be a part of us.  But with the mindset of an entrepreneur, I wanted to also give the Founders a chance to raise capital by helping us expand, as well. 

So what is my goal with my students?   I've always wanted to build a group of people who are actually being entrepreneurs in real life and having a lot of fun and making good friends at the same time.  We are often having such great Founders-only mastermind type events.  So many positive and motivated minds all coming together with dreams and tons of support for each other.  I really know we're doing amazing things.  People who never even imagined that they could be entrepreneurs are now out there putting offers and constructing deals.  We have people with different levels of experience that are now offering great insight to things that can be done here in Hawaii, and we're starting to expand to the mainland, also!  We're transforming the mindsets of people from hoping that someone will get voted into office to fix it, to us being able to do something about it right now.  I love that, and I love that each one of us has something to do with it.

I'm pretty excited about the Founders.  I think any real estate investor would benefit from the association of our group, and we would likewise benefit from them being part of it.  I have my CASHFLOW Club Kit, which is a set of 10 lessons designed specifically by Robert on DVD to take people through as they play CASHFLOW.  We are going over the materials in special Founder's Only events.  This is just one of many of the things I'm putting together to enhance the experience of the Founders. 

The Founders are also doing book studies together. Robert Kiyosaki constantly promotes that we study, even books he doesn't write, so I've brought some of the books from my library.  These are books that we've done studies on with Robert.  My views on where the economy is going and what to do have vastly been augmented because of these.  Book studies are so much more enjoyable since we go through it together in discussion and activity, rather than just reading them alone.  And I get a lot more insight because I get different points of views on it. 

Basically, I formed this group as a way to build a network of like-minded individuals and specifically the like minds that I love being around.

Mentoring, Personal growth, mindset, etc. imparted by becoming a Founder

It's personal development, so it covers much more than just any specific field, but the opportunities to learn about certain topics are getting more and more available.  I'm a CASHFLOW trainer specialist.  I teach Rich Dad philosophy and expand the context on that.  It's incredibly fulfilling and it’s what has gotten me to expand my network and resources.  It's why I've been able to do business with people like Robert Kiyosaki, Michael Mazzella, and other successful entrepreneurs. 

How does the mentoring work? Individual or group Weekly or monthly calls, meet ups or group sessions...?

Mentoring is mostly during events and leveraged through the group.  That keeps the cost down.  Yes, we have a weekly conference call on Thurs evenings.  In addition, we'll have a certification process,  multiple training events like “quadrants training”, CASHFLOW training with Robert Kiyosaki via DVD, the “Masterpiece of a Deal”, and things we're putting together like financial statement mentoring and a John Maxwell group.  We've already done events with real estate investors like Michael Mazzella and Emerson Ribao, and we will continue doing more ongoing events exclusive to the Founders.

How much time are we expected to put into this?  I.e. Start a Cashflow game with a few group sessions and coaching calls?

No one is required to put any time, at all.  You get out of it what you want and trust the rest to God.  I don't require you to invite anyone, to start a game, or even to facilitate.  If all you wanted to do was just join for the networking and education that is completely fine with me.  As long as each Founder respects our Code of Honor. 

All Founders will in general want to start mentoring, facilitating, or create added value to the group... as entrepreneurs, that's what the space allows for, so I welcome that!  With a growing group of people like the Founders, there are always more opportunities that can be created.  That is the brilliance of this whole thing!  So if being around more like minded people interests you, then this a great environment by which to learn how and grow from it.  I'll show the Founders because I've done it.. not just here in Hawaii, but in many countries around the world. 

Future plans for the Founders: Certification

There is a process for the Founders who want to be leaders in the group to step up and take a bigger piece of the pie.  It's a leveraged and lucrative position for those who are interested, and of course, we have quite a few interested.  Of course I don't want to be the only one in front of the room, so I'm mentoring and training Founders to take the space.  They need to be certified (Founders that have gone through a training process, created other leaders, and proven over time to be in front of a group). 

I'm committed to support the Founders in Hawaii even as we expand elsewhere over time.  While I was gone for the majority of the summer and we already have Founders running the events in Hawaii in multiple areas in my absence.

For a new Founder who joins the mentoring program, what happens after a year?  Is there an annual fee or do you get lifetime membership for events without the personal coaching?

At the moment, there is no renewal or annual fee.  I just want to know that people are willing to take an initial risk to be a part of this. I don't want this to be a group where things are constantly being upsold. That being said, I don't plan any annual fee, but there could be some additional and optional events, get togethers like a Founder's trip or cruise, introduction and events with Rich Dad Advisors, etc... that would make a lot of sense.  Maybe even a big National game in Phoenix with Robert and a tour of the Rich Dad company.  Imagine what you like... this is the group where dreams are definitely ok and supported!